Pullman CRC: Sankofa (Our Story)

In September of 2021, Pullman CRC on the southside of Chicago began a series of presentations by one if its members, William (Bill) Dykstra, that told the story of Pullman Christian Reformed Church, including how a church was born with a deep desire for racial reconciliation in a context of white flight and racial fear in a historically Dutch immigrant denomination that is the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The theme was Sankofa as we sought to recover from a global pandemic, this was part one of our vision casting as we recognized we were not the same church we were before the pandemic, but the spirit of God still moves in Roseland and is calling us to follow.

Special note: the videos below begin with the speakers of these events.  This is not to diminish the music, musicians and vocalists!  Using so many songs from past and present, worship was a deep blessing during these services, from "Order My Steps" and "Revelation 19 (Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory)" to "Let Us Be Known" and "In Christ Alone."  We are so thankful to our Minister of Music Edwin Simunye and Helen Breems for planning these services and leading our worship!!  The services are here, you can watch them from the beginning, but because we are a congregation of ordinary people and not professionals (it's incredible what Simunye does with what we offer!!) and because streaming audio is so unforgiving, the links below start with the speakers.

Pullman CRC: Our Story Part 1 of 4

Pullman CRC: Our Story Part 2 of 4

Pullman CRC: Our Story Part 3 of 4

Pullman CRC: Our Story Part 4 of 4